Take the guessing out of the equation. The programmable thermostat was a big leap ahead of mercury thermostats. Most families know what time of the day they’ll be home or away. A 7-day schedule is definitely a great start to a energy efficient home.

Homes are becoming more in tune with the owners. Sensors on the thermostat itself and remotes throughout the home can turn off lights and not cool those unused rooms. The Honeywell Lyric actually uses geofencing with the app and phone GPS to make adjustments to the thermostat.

Make Changes Anytime

  • Late night out
  • Extra day of vacation
  • Home early
  • Energy efficient grandparents
  • Forgetful grandparents
  • Forgetful children

Control From Anywhere

  • Couch
  • Movies
  • Restaurant
  • Vacation
  • Camping

Learn to Save

  • Energy efficiency
  • Gaps in your programmed schedule
  • View energy reports

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